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Unto These Hills

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27th August 2008

starzz191911:53pm: Awesome Photography!!

My name is Crystal and after I graduated ECU with a photo degree, I decided to start my own business here in Greenville. My focus is Fine Art, including body painting, underwater photos, erotica, boudoir, and any crazy idea you can think of.

Currently I am looking for a female model with a toned body to do some body painting for my portfolio. It would be nude, but the photos would be tasteful Fine Art. I would pay you by giving you a cd of the finished photos. If interested PLEASE E-mail me!

I want to start an art revolution in Greenville!

I also specialize in portraits of all types, senior photos, families, pets (I LOVE pets and have done work for the humane society), modeling, bridal, engagement, and I will also do weddings!

I am a photoshop expert, so I'm beginning to give lessons in my craft. Adobe photoshop lessons, as well as digital scrapbooking, also if you just need to know how to use a SRL Camera i can help you out.

Graphic Design is also a big part of today's society, and my ability to turn a concept into a great piece of work is amazing! Album Covers, Band Photography

I would absolutely LOVE for you to check out my website
( http://ckimages.ulmb.com ), and tell me what you think of my work!

I also have some work for sale at Ripple City (downtown Greenville) if you are interested in buying prints.

Framed pieces run from $100-$150 and prints, $15-$60

Please feel free to ask me any questions you might have, and please please please check out my website, leave feedback, schedule appointments, spread the WORD, or just look at some amazing local art!


CK Images
Crystal Kuegel

1st May 2006

beccaw6:32am: enraged
you have got to be kidding me

Illegal Immigrants Plan Nationwide Boycott By JON SARCHE, Associated Press Writer
59 minutes ago

Read more...Collapse )
heres a thought why bend to their ways all of us born here should boycot them
Current Mood: enraged

19th September 2004

kuhpuh7:46pm: Cheers!
Curtain call of the last performance of the 2004 season.

10th May 2004

kuhpuh2:18pm: Rehearsals for Unto These Hills will start soon! And a few weeks later the show itself will go up!


It's funny how working and living there has such an impact on many that do so.

Personally, shortly after the first of the year, I feel as if a magnet has been turned on inside me, and as the time to head up to the mountains draws near, the intensity grows. "The Hill" starts to pull at my gut. I know most people who have worked there feel the same way.

The time is almost here! Hooray!

For those that have worked on the hill or are going to work on the hill this summer, how're ya feeling?
Current Mood: excited

29th April 2004

kuhpuh1:40pm: Another interesting website about Junaluska.
Current Mood: thoughtful

28th April 2004

kuhpuh12:52pm: I found a few interesting links which pertain to the story of Unto These Hills... would love to know what truly happened.

The Legend of Tsali

Will Thomas: White Chief of the Cherokee
Current Mood: thoughtful

7th April 2004

kuhpuh11:11am: New Community Icon
I want to thank GJ user likedreamersdo, for making an icon for our community! It rocks!

The icon features the late Miss Ollie and a photo of the removal, or Trail of Tears, scene.

16th March 2004

kuhpuh4:54pm: Trail of Tears

24th February 2004

kuhpuh4:25pm: Famous UTH Alumni

Michael Rosenbaum

Michael currently stars as "Lex Luther" on the WB series Smallville. While at Unto These Hills, he worked as an Actor/Technician and played the role of "Constable".

For more information about Michael Rosenbaum, visit his website. No mention of UTH in his bio, believe it or not. I did, however, contact the webmaster about the obvious mistake.

23rd February 2004

summerwise1:21pm: I think I can... I think I can...
Okay so here is my attempt at posting to the UTH group... Was having issues for a bit, but with KP's superior knowledge of Livejournal, I think it may just work this time!!!

SO here goes nothing!
Current Mood: hopeful
xenoray2:59pm: BOO-YEAH!
Oh yeah, I was the first to post..well, and now the second. hehehehehe
Current Mood: giddy
xenoray2:55pm: UTH ROCKS!
Okay, now that we're here....when's Jello Party?
kuhpuh11:25am: Welcome!
This community is for those interested in the outdoor drama Unto These Hills, Cherokee history and preservation, outdoor drama, native american culture, and/or related issues.

It's also for those LJers who have worked for the drama in the past, or those that will work there in the future. Please join!

Unto These Hills is located in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains on the Cherokee Indian Reservation in Cherokee, NC. The summer of 2004 marks the drama's 55th season.
Current Mood: excited
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